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Wonder of Agriculture: Chickpeas

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Did you know that the early Romes associated chickpeas with the goddess of Venus? Or that the ancient civilization of Egypt, Rome and Greece all loved their chickpeas? No? Keep on reading to learn interesting facts on one of the oldest known pulses, chickpeas.

Typically developed in the less watered zones, this legume consists of high protein necessary for bone, muscle and skin health. A cup of chickpeas provides almost 1/3rd of an adult's daily protein needs. Chickpeas boast an exceptional nutritional profile. American Diabetes Association recommend chickpeas as a source of dietary fiber. To prevent high blood pressure experts recommend increasing the intake of potassium. A cup of chickpeas, weighing 164g, provides 474mg of potassium.

Coming in various names such as Bengal gram, Cecci, Ceci bean, Chana dhal, chickpea, Egyptian pea, Garbanzo, Garbanzo bean, Gram prevents osteoporosis and helps with brain and nervous system functions due to choline. Also enhances muscle control, learning, memory and body’s metabolism. What more reasons to add this superfood to your little ones and your diet?

Moreover, fiber keeps digestive tract healthy and promotes regularity. Plus, relatively low in calorie density, may support you maintain a healthy weight. Chickpeas are a great option for vegans and vegetarians to avoid iron deficiency. Interestingly enough, chickpeas can be used as a (caffeine-free) coffee substitute. This makes useful for people who adores coffee but can’t handle the stimulants. Why not give it a go?

Chickpeas balances out fatty acids in the body which increases the elasticity of the skin and get rid of wrinkles. Simply, chickpeas are your natural anti-aging product. High amount of folate (Vitamin B9) plays a significant role in hair growth by renewing the cells aiding in hair growth.

Consuming chickpeas especially beneficial for pregnant or menstruating women due to being an essential part of hemoglobin that transport oxygen from lungs to other body parts.

They are suitable to eat canned, dried, roasted, hot or cold. Since you have read so far why not check out chickpeas and other pulses in Mr. Pod's website

Your intelligent decision is just two clicks away! Live a healthy and a long life!

And this is how to prepare chickpea coffee.


  • 2 tbsp. chickpeas presoaked and dried

  • cinnamon powder

  • Hot or cold Water


  • Place the chickpeas on a pan for roasting.

  • Stir while roasting.

  • Cool to room temperature and grind to get the powder.

  • Pour the coffee powder into a cup

  • Add water and cinnamon powder to taste (Add sugar or honey on preference)

  • Enjoy!

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